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Smoking fetish cams phenomenon comes as the logical extension of widespread girls smoking fetish. Being sexually aroused by a woman inhaling smoke is a special kind of feeling. There is nothing between, you like it or you don’t.

Considering that we have already covered smoking fetish webcams subject, now it is a time to show you some of the most popular sexy smoking cam models. Notice that every of the woman smoking below comes from a different live sex category. Some are BDSM webcam girls ready to be humiliated, some are genuine live femdom Dominatrixes while some are experts in smoking fetish cam teasing. 

Hopefully, at the moment when you are reading this, some of them will be available for live video fetish sex session. If not, be free to browse all smoker models and look for live smoking girls on your own. 

Smoking Fetish Cams – Top Rated 10 Rated Girls

smoking fetish cams

#1 – Stefannye Domme

It is always great when a girl’s nickname already says what to expect from her. Clearly, Steffanye is a cigar fetish model but also a real dominant lady. With over 30 years of age, she now has more than enough experience to make you suffer and be humiliated while keeping you horny as hell.

She is an expert in submitting you to her powers. Sensual, bisexual and athletic build, She is one of the girls who smoke with passion and real enjoyment. Petite dark-haired femdom lady is almost always wearing some kind of nylons (pantyhose or stockings) or at least, pair of sexy over knee boots.

During her smoking webcam shows, she loves to expose you to live small penis humiliation. Of course, there are other areas of expertise Mistress will gladly perform while she smoke live. What you can also like is the length of her nails because nails fetish can be closely related to smoking, or to be more precise, a hot woman holding a cigarette in her hand. 

hot and seductive smoking

#2 – Fetish Agnes

If you are into blonde live cam girls, then this young and beautiful lady can easily become your personal fetish icon. Having a body type of a supermodel will easily leave you speechless, even if you are not into blondes.

It is really hard to take your eyes down from her big tits and expensive wardrobe sexy Agnes loves so much. It seems that she is spending most of the money earned on sex cams on buying sexy clothes. But what men love more than apparel is to see a woman naked in front of them. That is, of course, possible, once you get into the private chat hot cam session.

What you will probably like most are her silicone-filled lips. Big and sensual especially with red lipstick on, they are a separate fetish on their own. Still, once she gently puts cigars you will easily lose your mind and forget about everything else.

cute blonde inhaling

#3 – Ava Micci

Educated, articulate, and with a desire for perfection, sexy Ava is a passionate smoker. Actually, she shares an enthusiasm for smoking and female domination at the same time. Her bisexual orientation makes her available for lesbian fetish live sessions so if you are a woman into other hot women blowing smoke on web cams, then this cute dominant blonde is a perfect choice.

Besides smoking live, expect to see stuff like striptease, hot dance, various roleplay cam to cam sex scenarios featuring uniform and leather fetishism. To find out more about this divine smoking cams model, click on the cam girl photo above and visit her personal profile. You will find not only free smoking photos but also some of the best smoking videos recorded for promotional purposes.

dominatrix with a cigarette

#4 – Wanda Domme

Probably the oldest on smoking fetish cams top list, Wanda Domme is presumably the most experienced woman here. Over 40 years of age, she also belongs to the MILF live cams section of our website. The best way to describe her would be to say that poison always comes in small bottles. The same is with Miss Wanda, a petite dominant lady, and popular fetish chat host.

As you will see on her personal sex chat page, there are many people who reviewed what she is doing. Of course, every xxx chat session is different and every user of live video chat is an individual, but so many positive opinions will tell you enough.

Webcam smoking is the first on her list of favorite actions she loves to do inside free fetish or paid live sex chat. Latex and leather costumes are mandatory, including high heels and tight skirts. 

hot fetish girl with cigar holder

#5 – Sensual Raissa

Compared to all of the previous fetish cam girls above, sexy Raissa is a submissive type of a woman. Busty big tits model of her kind will always attract men, especially while blowing smoke seductively.

What is interesting is that her small dungeon is equipped with various torture and humiliation tools and sex toys which means she is well versed in nude live BDSM cams sessions. Playfull willing to absolutely cooperate, this curvy lady will ensure that you have high quality memorable time that will make your big dick satisfied.

Pay attention to what she said, that office is her favorite roleplay game place. So if you are sharing a fetish for gorgeous women who smoke at their job, Raiss is the one that will help you to enjoy this fetish without obstruction or interaction. Just be sure to talk to her first and ask her to prepare what it takes for this special cam2cam sex experience.

hot domina with a smoke in her hand

#6 – Diva Domme

One more live smoking cams model well known by her dominant and sadistic side. Even if you are not into live female domination, self-confidence mixed with beauty will make you obey to this girl’s orders. 

She is an elegant, dominant woman with more than 10 years of experience in online fetish so cam smoking is just one of many things she loves to do while on live chat. We will be free to say that whatever she is doing on fetish webcam sex shows simply looks spectacular. 

Diva is proud of her incredible collection of shoes of various shapes and sizes. Foot fetish chats fans are going to understand the value of this. But she also loves to tease with her feet while slowly smoking and letting you masturbate in front of her. 

Smoking MILF live


Similar to the first ranked live girl, this cam to cam model is telling enough about herself through her nickname. Sophisticated and always dressed in expensive clothes, she loves smoking only exclusive brands of cigarettes.

Petite and with big breasts, 40 years old mature knows every single erotic trick she should know to ensure the best smoking cams experience. Once you see when she exhales smoke in your face and sees how she loves doing it, you will completely understand the previous sentence.

Obviously, she loves to interact with horny men so you will find tons of free best quality fetish pics available on her profile available when you click on her sexy smoking fetish above.

sensual live


Even if she might look older (in a positive way) this adult cams model is not even 30 years old.  Dark hair, stockings, fishnets, and leather are the guarantee you will enjoy every single of her kinky fetish role play live sex cams sessions.

With the accent on her perfectly shaped feet, she is one of those fetish girls almost always holding the smoke in her hand. This will ensure the best fetish chat room experience people into this obsession are looking for. 

Besides beautiful feet arches, her legs look fantastic, especially in seamed nylons and all that sexiness is helping her easily get men where she wants them. Often, that is inside live chastity cams sessions or exclusive sissy humiliation cams. Don’t get us wrong, she is also available for “ordinary” smoking fetish webcams session if your only interest is to watch a sexy woman with red lips smoking online.

mistress smoking on webcam


Bisex fetish goddess with a strong desire for cigars and cigarettes. Addicted to them, she is one of the sexy babes also addicted to high-quality live webcams video chats. She is petite but once she gets under your skin, She can easily become an obsession.

Luckily, Venena is often online hosting popular fetishes including stuff as humiliation live, cameltoe, live broadcasting of orgasm, uniforms, striptease fingering and even live strapon cams if that is your cup of tea.

Anyway, you can click to view and download one of the top cam videos featuring Miss Veneena where you can get a better idea of her private cam live show smoking skills.

smoking milf


For the end of the smoke fetish live beautiful babes list, one of the latest fetish models is Sylvia Sensual. Compared to the other smoking cam girls above, she is not a type of girl for dominatrix femdom cams. Instead, this beautiful webcam chat host is a submissive type of woman.

Playful and enjoying every single smoke in a pause of dirty talk, her huge tits are making her be one of the top fetish cam models between hundreds of girls.

Interestingly, at this moment, there is not much info about her on a profile page but that’s because she is so popular and busy that she doesn’t care about descriptions, explanations, and promises. If you are into natural-looking blonde sexy women, then you will immediately recognize the potential of this sexy girl.

How many girls who smoke cigars on cams are there?

If you are already asking something like this, this means you are skeptical and worried are there enough fetish chat rooms featuring smoking chicks. Your question is legitimate considering this is one of the really specific and widespread fetishes many people are looking for at this moment, while you are reading this.

The first and most important thing to know is that most of the girls available in live chats are absolutely ready to light a cigarette for you, even if that is not inside their biography and model description. This is due to the fact that even if you like it so much, this is one of the easiest fetishes and many girls don’t consider that it is important to mention it.

But to be absolutely sure and before getting your credit card, the best course of action is to use a free section of any live fetish webcam you are about to find. There, you can simply start chatting for free and seize the opportunity to ask a girl is she willing to smoke for you. Some of them will refuse but don’t be discouraged, it is a natural order of things and a way how things work around here.

What is the main advantage of smoking video chat?

Until this moment, phone sex was one of the rare ways to satisfy your cravings for a girl smoking fetish. And yet, there is always a dosage of a suspect is a girl on the other side really smoking or just simulating with a goal of draining your wallet

With a live video stream technology behind smoking fetish web cams, there is no more place for doubt of any kind. You will be able to satisfy your naughty cravings and enjoy girls xxx chat in real-time. This means that once you find a girl by your choice and get into the cam show, what you will see is really happening at that moment, without any kind of delays.

So if you want to watch and chat with dozens of gorgeous high-quality live webcam girls, then there is no better place to be than on this website. Take a look around, browse a repository of useful articles and try to get in as many as possible chat rooms filled with top models. 

Terms Conditions of this site

Same as with foot fetish cams, mistress cams or any other type of live cams, privacy policy and terms of service are letting girls deny your request for a private webcam porn session with her. This is happening if models are suspicious about user age. You have to be 18 years or older to legally watch naked women performing live on free cams or paid cams. So when you start chatting, sometimes a girl will ask how old are you. 

In reality, this is more formality than real practice, but sometimes it happens that a webcam site is letting girls to really kick someone out from fetish video shows. 

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