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Sissy live cam you are looking for is right here, right now, at this moment. Before proceeding with choosing the best sissy humiliation cams, take a moment and learn about what is going on inside sissification chat rooms.

The main purpose of sissy fetish cams is to give you a chance to get through a genuine slave training that will finally make you a real sissy girl. To get there, you will have to endure in various methods of femdom humiliation. Some of them are small penis humiliation on cam, live BDSM, foot fetish worship, chastity, verbal humiliation and sometimes even cock and ball torture. It is up to the mistresses looking for slaves to decide what approach they will use. Usually, they can decide in a matter of first few minutes talking with you. Below are some of the femdom cams rooms that you can join right now. Still, our suggestion is to try to control yourself and keep reading this article that will help you get most of sissy humiliation cams.

Sissy live cam Mistresses
sissy live cam training

If you somehow managed not to click on all those live mistress cams online above, then you are on the good path that will help you learn more useful things necessary for a sissy faggot training. The first rule you should always keep on your mind and never forget it is to be humble.

You are there to please a Dominatrix that will enjoy finding different ways to humiliate pathetic sissy sluts like you. If you find some inner pleasure and satisfaction in the process of webcam training, that is totally up to you. If you suffer mentally and physically, it is the same. Goddess won’t care. The thing is simple. The goals of a cam to cam femdom is to boost Domme’s ego and make her satisfied while you are being converted into a genuine sissy cam slut!

What is the most popular sissy humiliation practice?

So, between all those ways of sissification live online, what is the most popular method for the live fetish girls? The photo below is there as a kind of a teaser and it is basically an answer to this question and something that you are probably about to experience on live webcam video chat.

free chat for sissified slaves

To prove to a Mistress that you are really worthy of her precious time and that you have a strong potential of being a good and obedient sissy whore, most of the Dommes will use one of the most popular tools for online webcam femdom training. We are talking about live strapon webcams humiliation where you will be placed in the role of a horny girl, craving for a dick. If you think better, it is a logical thing to be done. Most of the girls end with giving a blowjob at some point so why a sissy girl like you would be an exception?

If you want to become a perfect sissy, then you will do everything by the rules. One of the most important when sucking a strapon is to ensure safety and hygiene. For that purpose, sissy training requires that you have a condom available. Dominatrix will tell you to open it slowly and then put on a strapon dildo. Only after it is done, you will be allowed to put in your mouth. Then you can slowly start giving a blowjob until you start gagging and drolling. At that point, you will hear your BDSM Mistress laughing loud while insulting and brainfucking you.

What else you can do as a sissy live cam slave?

Sissy webcam humiliation is often closely related to other kinky requirements that you can get from a dominatrix. As mentioned, it is her absolute right to decide what she will do with her live sissy submissive. Some of the domination cams scenarios you can experience in the process of online BDSM sissification are next:
#1 – A slave contract signup – dominatrix can ask from you to sign a special contract to get into femdom relationship with you. That document will contain your obligations and rules that you will have to obey to satisfy dominant girls on live dominatrix cams.
#2 – Using hormone tablets – 
Mistresses online can be very serious in what they are doing. One of the most advanced ways of transforming men into the cock sucking sluts is to force them to swallow hormone pills. Of course, results can’t be noticed immediately as with other types of live humiliation, but long-term, this is one of the best things to do.
#3 – Sissy Maid dressing – 
sexy sissy is a well-dressed sissy. This is why in some training sessions, dominant females will ask from you to wear a maid uniform and clean your room while they are watching you on cam. 
#4 – Make you shave every part of body hair on a daily basis –
Is there something nicer than shaved female legs? Especially when they are in nylon stockings or pantyhose. Since you are just becoming a girl, you should expect that a Domme will order you to shave your legs, too.
#5 –  Brazilian waxing – have you ever heard about this term? If you didn’t, now it is a time to learn what is it. In short, it is a removal of pubic hair from genitals or anus region. Like all waxing, it can be a physically painful experience during and after waxing. This is exactly why cam girls in femdom chat love to see. Prepare to bend over and turn your webcam on!
#6 – Whore dressing – 
There is no successful degradation, manipulation, and power exchange without a proper dressing code. High heels, lingerie, nylons, corsets, and of course, makeup. Be prepared to get all this and prove that you finally became a real sissy slut.

Rules to follow on sissy live cam

Making sissy slaves weak and helpless or training them to become pets takes some rules that will bring order into a mental chaos that can happen to weak submissives.

  • Absolutely obey superior females, no questions asked.
  • Prepare lube for potential anal penetration
  • Eat your own sperm loads if a femdom cam Mistress allows you to cum.
  • Be ready to show admiration for real alpha males.
  • Try to suck cock and reach own dick if Goddess tell you to do it
  • No eye contact is allowed with Dominatrix until she says that you can watch her.

These are the basics. Sissy girls on BDSM cams will experience other things like spitting on them, financial domination, forced feminization, self-slapping, anal penetration or doing home tasks on daily basis. It all depends on the type of a Mistress cam. We have heard about extreme versions of video BDSM chat where a latex mistress ordered a slave to piss all over the place and then clean it while she is watching him with a laptop camera turned on!

For the more experienced sissy servants sissy live cam is a great place to demonstrate what a good slut they are. Some of the masturbation chat sissy cams are used to practice and maintain already earned sissy slave skills and experience. Whatever is the reason for trying fetish chat where you will change your sex in webcam chats rooms, it is definitely an irreplaceable experience. Our suggestion for all mistress webcam slaves is to try it, at least once in a while. You will be positively surprised how many things about your own sexuality you can learn even from a short sissy live cam session.

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