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Sissy cams are a special place where girls are separated from the men, literally. Ok, it is a funny statement but in reality, it is absolutely true. You will enter sissy humiliation chat rooms as a guy but will finish the session like an obedient sissy slave. Of course, if Mistress (and her friends because sometimes there are more than one Dominatrix inside cam to cam sex chat) is experienced enough to conduct a proper sissy humiliation training.

Just as with other pages where we are talking about online BDSM relationships, sissy cams are no different. This page contains direct links to fetish role play webcams where the main subject is forced sissification. Below are the links to some of the currently available webcam girls willing to train you while the rest of the article about sissy humiliation cams is available down the page. What you should know is that sissy training is considered one of the “easiest” ways to humiliate men. We are not saying it is not effective. On the contrary, denied sissy can remember this femdom chat experience for a lifetime. What we are trying to explain is that many female supremacy fetishists love extreme variations on BDSM. This results in some girls totally forgetting to mention they are into sissy cam chat so don’t forget to ask them (even it is not clearly stated in the willingness section on personal profile) when you find the one you really like. And now, girls waiting for the sissy boys.

Sissy cams available now!

sissy training on webcam


As usual, the purpose of most important fetish chat articles is not only to show you top rated cam models and superior females live online but also to give more details and deeper explanation of particular fetish. Live sissy humiliation training is no different.

Quick facts about sissification

When faced with a question of what is sissification, it could be hard to give a reasonable explanation to people who never heard about this sexual fetish.  Generally speaking, it can be described as the feminization of a man, more accurately, without their will or without their awareness. The term was basically used in the meaning of BDSM to refer to a male submissive that underwent enforced sex reassignment, but also refers to the loss of masculinity in the community. The submissive is “forced” into cross-dressing and gender reassignment. Sissy is a man that does not correspond to conventional gender roles. He is considered as the masculine equivalent of tomboy although this term is thought of as being more insulting.

Feminization may occur without a partner as a component of solo masturbation and/or through interactions with an online community. The most common method of feminization is cross-dressing. Costumes males are forced to wear can vary from schoolgirls and maid uniforms up to princess clothing.

Other methods of sissy coaching sessions can contain orgasm control, use of chastity belt, cuckolding, infantilism and more violent elements like corporal punishment or spanking. Some of the live girls on this website love to mix different rules so it is not uncommon for a Mistress to put you through own cum eating degradation or even ball torture and ballbusting on cam to cam. Below is a more detailed list of various kinks that male slaves can except on live femdom cams private chat rooms.

Most common sissy cams types

  • Forced Feminization – Fetish chat rooms are the perfect place for the basic task in every sexually explicit female domination relationship. Being dressed as a female is a starting point for all those fetish chats appearing on this site.
  • CBT femdom – Cock and balls torture is almost on the top place of best live methods for cam slaves. Even if it rare to experience it in combination with dirty little sissy domination, it is definitely one of the most memorable experiences.
  • Tease and denial – being dressed like the girl doesn’t necessarily mean that you will look good enough. Hot girls on domination cams know this very well so they will mock you and explain your crossdressing efforts are pretty useless when you compare yourself to them.
  • Edge Play and Orgasm Control – There is no much explaining here. Being dressed like a female won’t save you jerking your small dick in front of the strict mistresses while she is the one that will you cum and when it will happen.
  • Chastity Contracts – After forced feminization, sissy puppies can face the next level of control and humiliation. Basically, they will have to sign a contract before placing a cock inside the chastity device. Based on the length, the sissy bitch will have to prove that he is following rules, by showing is his big dick still locked, as agreed.
  • Anal or Strapon Training – One of the most common things expected from sissy sluts. A combination of instructed prostate massage, fingering, anal stretching and strapon penetration are some of the things horny girls are regularly doing. Why do you think that a naughty sissy should be an exception?
  • Bondage cam shows – A good sissy is a tied sissy. Ropes, handcuffs, straight jacket, restraints and other things you were reading about in various BDSM stories.
  • Blackmail cam sessions – One of the toughest and most demanding types of crossdresser cams scenarios. In short, once a Dominatrix gets your real life data (home and job address, e-mail, phone number, etc) and record you in a compromising position she will bring your relationship on the whole new level. From that moment, you will have to do literally whatever she orders. Otherwise, your closest friends, colleagues or a wife will find out your dirty crossdressing secret. This method is closely related to sissy cuckold and findom (explained below).
  • Financial domination – Findom is not recommended if you are broke or having a thin budget for live cams. Our suggestion is to get some real experience on webcam training before trying to please your Goddess this way.
  • SPH or  Small Penis Humiliation – This is a perfect way of additional abuse of the depraved and already broken sissy girl. Be prepared to please hot women laughing at your small cock and recording your embarrassment.
  • CEI or  Cum Eating Instructions – You will need a stomach for this. After making you cum in front of her, Mistress will make her sissy to eat his own sperm. Find out more about CEI cams online on a page dedicated to this live fetish.


Do You need special equipment for a quality private show?

Yes and no. It depends on what are you looking for from a mistress chat. This is why we have created a list above, to get you a better idea of what you will need when getting into a humiliated sissy and crossdressers online cam2cam sex chats. Except for the default things like nylons (stockings or pantyhose), high heels and dresses, depending on a roleplay scenario you will also need a vibrator, chastity device, strapon, condoms, lubes, etc. We would add that is smart to always have paper tissues with yourself in case Domme let cock sucker like you to jizz.

Are there some special rules to follow on sissy webcams?

A tough question considering the complexity of slaves and sissies fetish chats. Of course, there are some universal rules to follow. For example, if you are getting into the crossdresser cam world, you will need at least some of the female apparel, right? Basic levels of this type of femdom cams can go without it. One of the first humiliated sissy lessons is to learn how to talk, move, and behave like a girl. But usually, it takes only one or two cam chats to figure it out. So ideally, you will prepare female outfits by taking them from your girlfriend, wife or even a mom.

Also, basically the same rules apply like on other mistress cams fem dom chat. In short, this means absolute obedience, proper (submissive) behavior, and readiness to accept whatever a cruel dominatrix or a humiliatrix tells you to do. You have already seen a list of usual humiliation live adult cams methods above but (as mentioned in a slogan of Fetish Cams Live) there are no limits. This means that there is a real variety of ideas that a Dominatrix can present and tell you to do. For example, sending you to a store and demanding that you go dressed as a female. How does that sound? Or easier option, to go outside and wear pantyhose with garter belts beneath your pants. The usual place where Goddesses are sending sissy maids is a store where they can purchase things like cucumber, condoms and vibrators and strapon. You are probably already guessing why is that, right?

Once you come back and finish this task, the logical conclusion is genuine sissy porn, with you as a slave in the main role. This means that your female owner will expect to see you deep throat a dildo while some of them are impatient to take pictures and videos of you for their personal collection of dominated and humiliated male creatures. But plastic cock sucking will look like a joke to all those guys that will have to stick the dildo on their ass hole. In the beginning, dominant girls will start with a smaller size strapons and slowly increasing their perimeter in the future webcam chats. This is why our suggestion is to always check with a girl what are her preferences and what she loves to do with her slave and see are you ready to handle all that. We believe that every sissy whore thriving to become a real sissy should try all available forms of sissy girls’ embarrassment, including public humiliation.

sissy cams

What are the advantages of a live webcam and sissy discipline cams?

Feeling like a whore and being a male at the same time can be a very problematic thing to handle, especially if you are younger years of age. There is a huge importance of being able to express yourself in a way that you really are, without taking care of other people will tell. We think that many of you would be shocked if you had a chance to see some of “real men” (or how people love to call them,  strong alpha males) acting like a sissy faggot and cuckold sissy while Mistress laughs to their misery. But everything is possible with live BDSM cams. Your goal should be to discover all possibilities and explore your own fetishes and fantasies. You will be amazed how short is the road between just being a sissy maid servant and a butt plug cunt controlled by kinky strapon girls.

Serving sexy women is the best way to learn how to become a proper sissy maid, how to curtsy, how to dress and serve properly, how to do your makeup, and all those small things necessary in the process of crossdressers online gender transformation. Basically, it is an irreplaceable part of discovering yourself and becoming a dirty little sissy. It is also a starting point for those willing to go even further and combine various fetishes in one place. This means that things like cock and ball torture, jerk off instructions, foot fetish, financial domination, cum eating instructions, latex mistress fetish, medical fetishes, and much more.

Privacy in sissy slut webcam training

The best part of being involved in dominatrix cams debauchery is that you can suck cock, finger your ass (and do various sissy anal tasks), eat cum, show your small penis or even be a sissy cuckold and still keep it for yourself or more precise, between you and a BDSM  mistress. What many people considering to try humiliation online for the first time are asking is the question about privacy policy. Be assured, there is no reason to worry. When you are ready to play on cam and joining BDSM chat rooms, you will actually agree to the terms and conditions that are universal for most of the crossdresser webcam shows and basically all private shows. The most important thing that you should know is that your identity is hidden in the same way as it is for the girl that provides sexual experience for you. This is leaving all doors open in the same way as all of your body holes will be open once a right girl gets you on cam.

We always leave best for the end and that is a fact that here we have links to girls anticipating to chat at the time of the day so your time zone is totally unimportant when it comes to sexual acts between consenting parties in cams chat. Literally, hundreds of mistresses online are waiting for a good masturbation chat. These are females who enjoy abusing men and brainfucking them on sissy cams while they are becoming more and more pathetic and miserable. You can’t blame them, there is nothing better than to watch a guy in a real-life power exchange knowing that he can’t do anything to resist and looking him losing his masculinity with every new minute.

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