Fetish Cam Girls Interview: Alexandra Georgia

Fetish cam girls:
The Romanian-born, and stunningly feline, softcore fetish model and live cam performance phenomenon Alexandra Georgia is every beautiful inch the self-made woman and entrepreneur. Under the name One Great Diva, Alexandra, who specializes in foot fetish and, of late, financial fetish, has been in the live cam business for eight years, setting herself up independently and amassing a loyal clan of fans and followers along the way. Ambitious, very strong-willed and positively forward-looking, it’s not surprising that the Great Diva would spread her talents elsewhere. As well as being a performer, Alexandra is now turning her hand to organizing a major event, in the shape of the very first Live Cam Awards show, set to take place in the great province of Barcelona, Spain, in March 2015, awarding live cam sites, live cam models and studios, webmasters, affiliate programs and other individuals exclusively related to live cam industry.

We caught up with Alexandra while she was in Barcelona finalizing the venue for the Live Cam Awards, inviting her along to the BaDoink offices to chat about her career and the upcoming award show and to find out what makes her tick. It was, of course, fascinating stuff. Alexandra really is One Great Diva.

Below is our interview with Alexandra, edited for length and clarity…

You said you’ve been camming for eight years and you’re a softcore fetish model. What exactly constitutes a ‘softcore fetish model’ and how did you even get started in the first place?

Okay, I started like everyone else; on the main category, the one for girls where you have to undress and everything and it wasn’t really good for my personality. I couldn’t be that little nice girl who does every trick they ask… I was getting frustrated; there were like guys coming up: “Undress!” and I was like, ‘hell no!’ And they started to report me because the rules of the categories are that you have to please the client.

So it was very stringent?

Yeah! So I had some little issues because of my personality… I was really nasty with the guests; I wasn’t really friendly at all.

Is that your personality then?

Yeah! And then there was a guy, I think that he really liked me, who said, “you should go to fetish; you would be great there.” I was clueless, right… I was camming for like, less than a month. So, I dig into it a bit to find a fetish that really suited me but I was never into latex and whips and chains or whatever. I’m just, you know, the spoiled brat bitch who everyone loves. Or not. So it’s either love me or hate me… there’s nothing in the middle.

So I created my online fetish cam girls personality, but it was nothing hardcore… even the dominant ladies and mistresses, sometimes they undress, but I never did, because it worked really well for me like this. It would be stupid to do it now.

Because, being a dominant, that would be a contradiction?

Yeah… it would, you know, ruin your personality.

Fetish Cam Girls

Fetish Cam Girls


It would put you on an inferior level…

Yeah, I think so because they [the clients] see you as superior… when you undress, or do something like this, it’s not really inferior but… it’s average.

Your main thing is the foot fetish… why that particularly?

Well, because, if you don’t undress it’s not pussy, so it has to be something, right? And foot fetish offers you a big variety of what you can do. There are lots of guys who have a nylon fetish, high heels fetish, or, you know, it’s quite big.

What kind of people look for foot fetish from fetish cam girls?

Submissive people. There are also normal guys, who are not yet submissive, but those guys are into footjobs, you know; they might ask you to do a footjob with a dildo, but that’s not my thing, right? So, the guys I have, they are submissive, all of them.

Do you get many women at all?

No. Unfortunately…

Would you like to have more women then?

Well yeah, that would be interesting.

How would you go about doing something like that? Because I get the idea, generally speaking, in the fetish world, it’s more men that go looking than women… and women in fetish are always more in control than anything else.

Exactly yeah, maybe they need to compensate more from the real world. I think that it’s the same with the sex. A woman wants sex, needs sex, she can find it anywhere, whereas for guys, especially guys with weird fetishes, it’s not that easy for them… so they go online.

What other kind of softcore fetishes are popular at the moment?

Well, humiliation. There are lots of guys who have a fetish for humiliation; they need to be humiliated, especially because of their size…

Do you mean the penis?

Yeah. And also teasing, denial… it’s a power exchange game; they ask to be teased, you know, until they get to the edge and then you have to refuse their orgasm.

They get really, really excited and you cut it off…

Yeah exactly, and then you start again, and off again…

Fetish Cam Girls

Fetish Cam Girls

That sounds like a chemistry experiment!

It is, it is.

To me that actually seems quite hardcore. We say it’s softcore because, I guess, of the level of nudity and actual penetration, but psychologically it seems a lot more hardcore than anything else.

Well yes, but it’s a mind game… It’s nothing, you know, physical, it’s a mind game. Everything is.

There’s also financial domination…

Yeah this is a new thing I’ve heard about recently…

Yeah it is and it’s hard for people to understand why a man would feel pleasure in just being drained or financially abused but they do feel really well; they were like, “oh my God you are so greedy!” and I’m like, “Yeah I am, that’s why you like me and that’s why you’re paying like 20 bucks a minute.” 

Do you have any idea WHY they feel that way?

Well I think they just like to be used and I think this is the most cruel way to use someone because it’s not physical, you don’t harm them, but they do suffer when they can’t afford, you know, the bus to go to work or something. 

So does it get to that level?

Yeah it can get really extreme. I had a guy fantasising about me flying there and making him sell his house so he ends up on the street. That is just a fantasy, you know, I’m not gonna do that…

So how far can you take something like that before you go “Ok I’m gonna have to back off”?

Well, it’s a paradox actually, because even if I’m the dominant person it’s actually what the other person makes you do. When things get too tricky for them they just run, they back off. 

So I guess to some extent they are still in control? Like with all fetishes, the knowledge that it’s a fantasy helps.


You say you’ve been independent, so you don’t work with a studio or anything like that. How difficult has it been for you setting up successfully in this world?

It was really, really hard to be honest. It was really hard because I had to do everything by myself; I had to build it from scratch. My first domain was something like ‘.info’ because I was clueless, you know! I had no idea. And my boyfriend, who is actually a very successful web-master, he never ever helped me with anything. I was like ‘how do you do this?’ and he was like, ‘I don’t know’. I was getting frustrated because we have a big forum in Romania, you know, for fetish cam girls and studios and if there was any girl asking for help on the forum he was like “I’ll help you!” I was like, “What’s wrong with you?”

It was just his strategy to let me do it myself and it was actually very good for me because it helped me to be able to do things by myself. 

So basically you know everything then…

Yeah, and then I started a blog and then I got a membership site and then another one and so on. 

How’s the blog doing?

Really well. It’s a sort of diary. I write about if I have a special guest or something, if I have like, a trip or gifts… 

What is the experience of a live cam performer? How does it differ from performers of any other realm in adult entertainment? Do you consider yourself a performer?

That’s a…difficult question. Well, how do I put it?

Fetish Cam Girls

Fetish Cam Girls

Is there a rivalry between you and other adult performers?

Well, no… because it’s really different, right? But at the same time there’s a lot of rivalry between the girls… 

You mean the Fetish Cam Girls?


How does that express itself?

Well it was a bit crazy some years ago because most of the cam sites have contests and if you are on top or whatever, you attract all the haters… like in any job, right? And I remember, a few years ago, that there was a girl who actually… well, it’s funny now but it was scary back then… but she did her haircut just like mine, she dyed her hair like mine, she bought clothes like mine and I was like “are you sick?” 

It’s like Single White Female…

That’s sick, right? 

It’s weird because they’re trying to steal your identity…

Exactly! There was a guy who come to me and said “Alex, I think I did something stupid” and I was like “What did you do?” He’s a troublemaker, and he said, “Well I saw a girl and I thought it was you and I said ‘Hi Alex… do you have a new screen name?” and she was like “Who the fuck is Alex?”

I looked at her pictures and I was like, oh my God; it’s the kind of person you expect to be outside of your block with a knife… I was a bit scared at that moment, but now I think it’s funny.

You must have a much closer relationship with your clients. Somebody who’s watching porn online is always going to be at a very big distance from the object of their desire, whereas you of course, you’re talking to people…

Exactly, it’s something personal; yeah that’s the difference. Generally with live Fetish Cam Girls, they don’t come for sex; they come for the personal thing. If they want to have a wank or something they just go watch two minutes of porn… but they come for the personal thing.


Fetish Cam Girls

So do you think that means that you have a lot of responsibility?

Well, yeah, but I was protected from this because if you get too friendly with them, you lose them. It’s the same as the superior thing; you can be too friendly. 

Yeah of course that makes sense to me but I mean responsibility in the sense of… not responsible for yourself, because you know how to take care of yourself, but responsible for the people that are coming to you, because you have to take care of them as a fetish cam girls…

Yeah, yeah, but… it’s good. 

Okay so you’re in Spain to check out venues for the Live Cam Awards. First off: what ARE the Live Cam Awards?

Yeah, the first of their kind. As you know at the big awards show they have a few categories related to live Fetish Cam Girls and we thought it would be good that this industry had its own award show finally… and I’m glad that nobody ever thought of it before.

What pushed you to do it? Why did you suddenly think “you know what? We need this?”

I was always competing, you know, on sites that I used to work for… I was crazy about getting a little Oscar thing on my profile – which actually doesn’t mean anything but I needed to have all the possible icons as a chat host – so I thought this can grow into something real and big.

I’ve seen how cam-girls are getting really, really competitive. Of course, it’s money, but it’s also like when I was working two nights in a row just to win a contest on the site…  yeah, my income was getting bigger, just because I was working extra, but actually I didn’t care about the money as much as I cared about that little icon on my profile… At this point I think I have like, 10 on one site and I have a few on the other site.

It’s crazy how people react to this, and the girls were like working 24 hours just to win something, so I thought it would be nice to involve everyone in this competition. In the end, even if you don’t get to win something, it just makes it, you know, better for yourself. 

Fetish Cam Girls

Fetish Cam Girls

So is there a lot of excitement so far? How many people in the live-cam world are aware that this is happening?

Actually the people that I had meetings with are the people I met in Prague from the European Summit. I need to put a few things more on the website before I start to contact everyone else. But next I will pick a venue, because it’s official now – it’s finally funded – and actually everyone gave me really good feedback because they’re really interested.

Cam models might think about it twice before exposing themselves to the public. It’s not like porn stars that crave attention and celebrity and want to be famous. Most cam-girls, you know, their family doesn’t know, their friends don’t know. I was lucky; I never hid it. I was lucky to have a supporting family and all my friends were like “wow this is really great what you do”, but most of the girls are not that lucky so they hide it; it’s like a secret life. But top models can’t hide it, because you’re at a level that you are already famous…

These days if you don’t have a name, don’t have a presence on social media, you don’t stand out… so this event is for the fetish cam girls who want to stand out.

Have you entered yourself?

Oh, of course not! 

It’s a shame!

It is because I’m crazy when it’s a competition… 

Well, on the upside, you OWN that icon…

Yeah, exactly! One of the camsites that I used to work with since forever, Cam Contacts, they [agreed to be] the diamond sponsor because it was me; I feel like they did it for me because I working successfully with them for so many years and they were like “we are proud of you and we want to support you and your events”. 

What awards are there going to be? What categories?

There will be categories for everything. 

What is ‘everything’?

For camsites, the big Fetish Cam Girls sites and also emerging campsites; and for cam studios as well, for emerging cam studios; there will be ‘Best Female Cam Model’, ‘Best Male Cam Model’, best Fetish cam girls, ‘Best Fetish’, shemale, male, of course there will also be the non-adult. 


Yeah, it’s not a famous category but it’s there and it works. 

So what is non-adult?

It’s actually the so-called ‘making friends’ category. It’s against the rules on this category to show nudity so it’s not that successful, but it works and every cam site has this category. 

Fetish Cam Girls

Fetish Cam Girls

So what makes a great live cam performer?

Well, that’s a difficult question. Most of the people say it’s mostly talent but I think it’s a bit of talent and lot of work. If you are talented and you’re a lazy ass, it doesn’t work out. If you work a lot but don’t have that little talent, again it’s not good, so you have to have this lucky combination. 

Tell us a little bit about the venue, where the award show is going to be held.

It’s an old venue; it was the old casino of Barcelona. I think it dates from over 200 years ago. It’s amazing, I was really impressed to actually have a garden; they actually have two gardens, there’s a special garden, Monaco Garden, which the Lord living there named after his friend, Grace of Monaco. The lady who did the tour, our event planner, said there were rumors that they were more than friends, and on the terrace there’s a little statue with Grace’s face… it’s a bust… and also in that garden they have a ballroom called Grace, but this is a small ballroom so the event will be held in the main building.

What’s the name of the place?

Finca Mas Solers. It’s really nice I really love it. It’s actually gonna be March 8th, on International Women’s Day… 

International Women’s Day? That’s brilliant… was that on purpose or a happy accident?

No, no… it was a happy accident. 

What do you hope to achieve with the Live Cam Awards?

Everyone who’s doing these events, they do it like a business, right? They make a living from doing events; it’s a good business. But for me it’s more because I had a lot to gain from this industry, from this job, a lot. I’m able to create a personal side.

I developed myself a lot of ways because of this. My English was awful when I started, I’ve learned it on the site, and I also discovered my passion for photography. So it gave me a lot, this job gave me a lot, and this is my way of giving something back. It might sound idealistic or whatever but…that’s the truth.

SOURCE: badoink.io

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