Below are the answers to some of the most common questions visitors are asking before joining live fetish cams. If there is still something else you would like to know, don’t hesitate and leave the question in the comment section at the bottom.

1. Are the webcams really live and not recorded?
Absolutely yes, just as site name says! Everything you see here is 100% live, in the end, that is the purpose of adult cams entertainment.

2. What are free and private shows?
Free shows are the default view for most of the webcam rooms. You will be able to see a fetish model and what she is doing. At the moment when she goes private, the show will automatically stop. In free shows, you are not alone and your options for interaction are limited to text chat with a girl. If you want to be totally alone with a girl, then private paid shows are for you.

3. When will my favorite model be online?
Models don’t have work schedules, they perform on webcam whenever they feel like doing so. When you find a girl that you would like to interact with, you can ask her when she will be online next time. Schedule a date before she goes with someone else. Just like in real life.

4. What kind of charges will show up on my credit card?
Your statements will contain our company legal name, not the website name and there is no chance that statement will be related to adult stuff. 

5. Is recording of cam sessions allowed?
it is not. In the same way, as you want your own privacy, girls don’t want to see their video clips all around the internet. Respect that in the same way we are respecting your privacy. 

6. Do I need a cam to talk to the girls in a chat room?
It is not necessary to have a cam just for talking. However, if you do have it you may show yourself to the performer which is often a necessity if you are into femdom fetish cams and similar types of fetish relationships.

7. How private are sex cams and am I safe?
Absolutely. Https secured data transfer between your computer and host, private shows where you are alone, safe credit card statements. You can even use the fake email address when registering or the one that you have created only for live fetish cams entertainment.