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Facesitting cams restricted to adults with the special fetish for dominant female asses are relatively small category compare to other kinky live cams. Still, there is more than enough chat rooms with hot girls with their sexy asses ready to humiliate guys like you .

Below is the list of some of the free live models into this type of female domination willing to learn, train and make you an obedient facesitting slave.

Facesitting cams live girls

facesitting cams

Now, the real question is what really facesitting on cam means considering that sitting femdom requires a direct physical contact, right? But let’s go one step at the time. To understand how butt facesitting works, it takes some more research on the subject. So let’s begin.

What is facesitting fetish?

Face sitting figuratively and completely objectifies the slave, utilizing him into little more than a part of the furniture for the femdom Mistress. He is used as a tool so she can rub herself against to get off. Despite the simple-sounding term, there are actually a plenty of ways in which this can be performed, making facesitting a varied and fun way of breaking a submissive male. The advantage of femdom facesitting is that is at a disposal whenever a dominant female wants. She doesn’t need any kind of special tool. Just a slave and his pathetic face. Sure, there are specially created pieces of equipment like queening stool or smotherbox but this is more like an upgrade and not a necessary item for a successful femdom smothering session.

You have probably seen tons of porn videos featuring girls sitting on faces of men, but in context of fetish sex, the purpose of ass domination is to humiliate and sometimes even suffocate a sub. There should be no pleasure for a guy although it is very hard to stop it considering the proximity of one of the most attractive parts of the female body, a butt. Sometimes, there is a couple facesitting (of sexy females) but these are really rare scenes. There are more titles for this fetish, like queening or kinging and they all represent the same concept of erotic humiliation. Interestingly, many lovers of facesitting porn believe that this practice is relatively new but they are so wrong. There are many records in various books, some dating back to the 17th century.

Why men love facesitting humiliation?

There are various opinion and answers to this question but still, some of the most common answers by men are explaining why they want to serve under Mistress and her ass are:

  • Teasing – people into orgasm control and orgasm denial are giving this answer as the top priority. Basically, they are teased with a sexy female ass but when smothered, they are unable to satisfy their needs. With a head pinned down, all they can do is to try to beg her to stop.
  • Smell – there is always a specific scent, no matter how smothering is done. If a Goddess is doing it naked, the slave will feel ass and pussy juices. If she is sitting on his face in jeans, leather, latex or in pantyhose, because of the warmth of the body, each material has its own odor that is turning men on.
  • The view – Is there a better place to be closest to female genitals? Ass and pussy licking are just millimeters away. Every fan of a nice female butt will tell you that there is no better place to be than underneath it.
  • Asphyxiation – Being deprived of air is the ultimate sexual fantasy for many. Now imagine being suffocated under the weight of the female body and its biggest and best part. Breath control and choking with a big butt is one form of this extreme femdom method

What can you expect on facesitting cams?

Live sex and BDSM fetish cams rooms are the places to be if you are seriously into real-life female supremacy. With facesitting cams, it is not different. Because of a specific nature of face sitting relationship, this type of live cam shows is similar to POV (point of view) facesitting videos. Basically, as a submissive side, you will be placed in the position of watching and admiring beautiful asses. Besides getting instructions and listening explanation of a Dominatrix, you will also watch her sitting on special sex dolls that are representing you as a femdom slave.

As with other female supremacy video chats, there is a variety of girls into ass facesitting. For example, type of Dommes you will find inside private chat rooms are wife facesitting, teen facesitting, milf facesitting, females with huge tits and other types of amateur face sitting hosts and webcam models (lesbian submissives will easily found bisexual Goddesses ready to get into lesbian facesitting scenarios).

But that is not all, once you join private femdom webcams shows, you will be engaged in different types of roleplay scenarios. For example, you will find yourself in the role of facesitting husband, sissy maid, obedient student, pussy eating slave, pathetic servant and much more. Face sitting femdom webcam models are pretty inventive in preparing new high quality live fetish scenarios.

There is no more reason to wait and delay your smothering cams experience. You are here because of it, right? Fetish Cams Live is not a free porn site but the most comprehensive resource dedicated to facesitting fuck and free sex fetish cam chats with everything you need in one place. Live we love to repeat all over again, a privacy policy is clear and concentrated on protecting your identity in every possible way. This is one more reason to immediately start looking for your next amateur facesitting experience. Enjoy!

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