Chastity cams

Chastity cams are the term used to describe a special femdom relationship with between male slave and his owner. Modern technology or real-time webcam chat became an irreplaceable part when it comes to orgasm control and female supremacy.

Adult webcams will once again show you why they are so popular and why there are so many men trying to please their fetishes in chat rooms. We know that you are pretty restless to join fetish girls appearing on this site so there are some of the best chastity femdom cams below. At the same time, we strongly suggest to keep reading this article and find all you will ever need to know about live chastity and sexual slavery for men.

Chastity cams online now!

Chastity cams

Now when you have something to please appetite for naughty fetishes like this one, let’s get into the details and find out what this fetish means and what you will find inside private shows.

What is chastity?

Being locked in chastity is really a special kind of experience. Many people think that this method of female domination is something easy compared to things like strapon humiliation on webcam or live balls torture. If you hear someone expressing this attitude, then you can be sure that he simply doesn’t have enough experience in the real femdom.

The shortest answer to this question goes like this: With slave’s dick locked inside the chastity device, Mistress is ensuring that he won’t get involved in any kind of sexual activity. Lack of it will create frustration that will become unbearable at some point. This is when men lose they mind completely but also a breaking point where a Dominatrix will see if he really loyal to her, under this specific circumstances. If a slave continues responding to her orders, as usual, this means that he is really a good material for a long-term femdom relationship.

There is one important thing. Many people wrongly believe that celibate is same as chastity. This is simply not true.  A man who practices chastity has sex with his dominant wife or a Dominatrix only while men who practice celibacy does not have sex at all.

What is behind chastity xxx cams?

Just as in a real life, live cams dedicated exclusively to male chastity are representing a relationship between two sides. Depending on what of these sides you are, it depends on how you perceive it.

If you are a dominatrix on mistress webcam side, from the perspective chastity has a different meaning than for a slave. When putting a guy inside chastity cage, besides punishment, there is a special way of showing loyalty to a Mistress. Knowing that sub won’t be able to practice sexual activity with anyone (even masturbation is disabled), the slave is showing his devotion to a particular Goddess. This is a very smart and well-proven way to ensure commitment and stay firmly tied for a dominant girl.

If you are on the other side of the live webcam, as the submissive person you will be forced into the special state of mind. The trick is that with chastity cam tease, you won’t feel the effects immediately. But nature is unbeatable and with every new moment, man body is producing semen while testicles are slowly filled with sperm. In a few days (or sometimes even less time) sexual frustration will start to raise and pressure to increase. Depending on the hormonal balance in the body, it is just a matter of time when being locked will start feeling like a nightmare. Suddenly, chastity tease will become a real torture and overall feeling will come close to what slaves are feeling in BDSM cams sessions. As a chastity slave, you are actually giving a consent to be bound and controlled by another person. Chastity webcams will guide you through special feeling where pleasure and suffering are mixed together. Sometimes, depending on the Mistress’s taste, she will use other methods and fantasies to be sure that she will get most from you. Some of them are foot fetish, ass and armpit worship, Femdom POV, masturbation instructions, strapon penetration or even ballbusting and balls torture.

For those that still don’t know, chastity porn is very popular today but it is not a new invention. There are writings about this practice dating back to the 15th century. Back then, it has a different meaning and it was used to ensure premarital sexual abstinence.

We would like to add that the best part of this type of sexual harassment is something that you can’t cancel anytime. While your dick is locked inside a special device with a key, Mistress is the only one that can set you free and allow change of the situation (even if this is a consensual sexual activity, at least in the beginning).  Except you have had your most primary animal instinct taken away you can not know the sheer torment it gives.

What kind of equipment is necessary?

For a top rated and high quality sexually explicit experience on chastity cam, there are few things to be done. The first one is to agree to the terms of safety and privacy policy and to have enough years of age. Both are a formality since the first one is just one click and underage guys are probably still watching free porn video somewhere on Pornhub.

The second and probably the most important is to provide a chastity belt. There are many models and it is up to you which one you will pick for your next session with a humiliatrix. You probably already know that some of the cages are having spikes inside to disable your dick get an erection. Every time when you get a boner, the pain will violently stop sexual arousal. Simple and very effective. Anyway, that is basically all you need to start suffering in front of the Goddess. You can always use a free chat section to get a recommendation from a dominant girl if you want.

Before you start with live BDSM chastity cams

Moment of your engagement in entering this website as a real fem dom slave is close. Before you click some of the available fetish chat cam models, you want to be sure with yourself that you are really up to the task. We know that all these hot women are teasing and looking attractive to submit, but chastity cams are actually a subcategory of bondage cams and CBT cams. Once you find yourself in front of hot sexy Mistress ordering you to lock up your cock and provide sexual torture to yourself, your miserable life won’t be the same, ever!

The moment when you start chatting and your big dick faces a ruined orgasm on webcams live, you will officially become a real chastity slave. What you should also know that you are a sissy humiliation fetishist, this type of action is ideal for sissy girls training or live crossdresser humiliation. A simple desire to receive orders and be involved in explicit materials like small penis humiliation and cock torture is all you need now. Go ahead and enjoy every moment of suffering while you chat and broadcast your own misery!

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